Organic Cotton Tampons
Organic Cotton Tampons
Organic Cotton Tampons

Organic Cotton Tampons

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'Regular' tampons are often made of synthetic materials like rayon and often contain plastic. Besides, they contain chemicals because they're made of regular cotton, which is heavily sprayed with pesticides. This can cause serious irritation down there. That's why we prefer organic cotton tampons.

100% organic cotton (GOTS). Wrapped in biodegradable plastic.

Why these materials?
You directly help to revolutionize the fem care industry. Besides, chemicals are not for pussies.

Packed in paper packaging. 

-Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
-Organic Soil Association

How to use
Just like a 'regular' tampon.

Throw away
Throw in the sanitary box (public restrooms) or your trash can.

Brand Information
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Country of origin: the Netherlands