Cleaning Soap

Cleaning Soap

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Cleaning products often contain chemicals, that end up in your home. Besides, when you wash them down the drain, they pollute our waterways. This soap is a multi-purpose soap which you can use for different kinds of cleaning jobs.

Oils of coconut*, sunflower*, water, essential oils of lemon*, lemongrass* and citronella*. 

Why these ingredients?
You don't want chemicals to end up in your home or the environment. Werfzeep is an organic soap, made with plant-based ingredients. They don't compromise in the ingredients they use. No refined fatty acids. No synthetic foaming agents. No synthetic perfumes. No synthetic dyes. No synthetic preservatives. 

Biodegradable: Yep. Since all ingredients are plant-based, there is no harm in washing them down the drain.
Organic: Yep. Without exclusion. 

Vegan: Yes.

How to use
DIY: Liquid Laundry Detergent
You need: 1 piece of Cleaning Soap (100 gram), 2 liters of water, soda, clean glass jars.
Make: Boil the water. Then add the soap. Stir it around till is dissolved completely.
-Laundry (color): Put it in a clean glass jar.
-Laundry (white): Add 20 grams of soda once the water boils, stir it around. 
Let it cool off for about 24 hours. Done! Use 1 tablespoon for each pile of laundry.

Wrapped in recycled paper packaging.

Throw away
Throw the paper wrapped in the paper recycling.

Brand Information
Brand Name: Werfzeep
Country of origin: the Netherlands
Instagram: @Werfzeep