Greatness is who we are
It’s where we came from and where we’ll return

Our hearts are filled with light if we listen long enough
Our souls are here to grow and learn from our mistakes

My journey led me to see this
The inside I was so desperately looking for
I’m so grateful, believe me, I am

Yet I feel guilty, at the same time
Part of my heart holds on to my old believe system

That denies my light
Denies my greatness

It’s much safer to think differently
Because with greatness comes responsibility

But soon I came to realize

It’s not possible to deny
There’s no point in lying

My toxic thoughts are a perfect illusion
Leftovers from the old me, the broken me

There is no reason to question my greatness
It’s impossible to put a judgment on it

Our sacred souls just are
They just are

They are without trying to be
They are without questioning
They are without putting a judgment to it

They just are.

They are great.

Because that’s all there is.

Whenever you question your greatness, just remember you are




Love + Peace + Dolphins,


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